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SONOS Play 1 (White)
Making your music sound even better!
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Details of SONOS Play 1 (White)

- Deep, crystal clear HiFi sound with 2 Class-D amplifiers�

- Compact and yet powerful

- Stream your entire music library, popular music services, and internet radio

- Start with one, add more over time to fill your home with music


6.36"H x 4.69"W x 4.69"D

Reviews of the SONOS System
Customer Review
Even My Wife Loves It
I was at the mall shopping with my wife when she suddenly disappeared for awhile and suddenly came back with boxes all wrapped up. She surprised me with a SONOS system and said that she knew how much music meant to me and that this is a new revolutionary technology! Funny thing is that one week later she confessed to me that she bought it because of how clean and sleek the whole set-up looks. I must say, SONOS has not just won me over with their sound quality but won both of us over.
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I love Liverpool but I cannot take it when i need to go to the toilet in the middle of the game. i bought SONOS because someone told me i can play even my TV sound all around my house. True enough, I could stream the game and commentary LIVE everywhere in my house! I never miss a single part of the game anymore. Rock on SONOS! \m/
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Great Products and Customer Service
Awesome! Thanks guys!
By :
Sleek and powerful
Not only sounds big and awesome, it is a great addition visually to my house. Almost a furniture at home! Rocking!!!
By :
Best Discovery Ever!
Fantastic experience! I first heard these SONOS speakers at my hotel.. It's amazing what these speakers can do! Waking up to soothing music and then listening to CNN even in my bathroom. So gonna get one for myself when I get back home!
By :
Impressive speaker and great service from TC Acoustic
I was delighted to receive my new Sonos 3 speaker today. I live in Hong Kong and it is difficult to get hold of them here. TC Acoustic provided such an excellent service! I ordered online and was delighted that it arrived at my door two days later! The speaker is brilliant in terms of sound quality and the whole Sonos system is so intuitive. In summary, the speaker is great, and TC Acoustic demonstrated fantastic customer service! Highly recommended.
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Good sound, great convenience
My teenage daughters bought this speaker for me for my birthday and I must say I am very impressed by the technology and sound of the Sonos Play 3. It comes with deep bass, good clarity(puts my car sound system to shame) and a handy App that allows me to stream my music and listen to Internet radio. I can create a playlist so that it plays even when I leave the App! Thumbs up for this one!
By :
Thanks for the great service!
Thanks for assisting with the customs and getting my Sub and Playbar delivered over to me so quickly.. I have been eagerly waiting for it since playing my orders a week ago. I've just got it set up in my living room and the Playbar and Sub is performing amazingly! Do keep me posted about other deals because i'm looking to expand my Sonos set. It's a fantastic hi-fi system!
By :
Convenient, Great Sound and Fun Speaker!
Just received a Sonos Play 3 black from my dad as a birthday gift! The title says it all, this is TRULY the most versatile wireless speaker for rich, room-filling sound. I set up the Play 3 in less than 5 minutes using the Sonos application which I have downloaded on my Iphone. My dad also downloaded the app on his ipad and we can enjoy our music with this speaker. Told my dad to get more because Sonos is able to do multi room. Great job Sonos!
By :
Zi Hao
Perfect size
Love the sleekness and affordability of this speaker. Tempted to get a few more for my home
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Sonos just works for me!
I own two Play-5's, a Connect and an Amp, and bought the Play-1 primarily to listen to sports in my office. I had no expectation I would consider the music quality "good enough" for my ears! I am happy to admit, I was so wrong. I still can't believe the sound quality, and at the price point, there is simply nothing out there which can compete. Rather than to further extoll the sonic virtues of the speaker, as there are many reviews on Amazon already doing just that, let me add that it is the Sonos "engineering architecture" that makes the Sonos experience so simple and trouble-free. Sonos simply does NOT rely on the quality of a customer's own wireless network to stream internet radio; instead, by requiring at least one speaker or the Sonos Bridge to be hard-wired to one's router, your wireless network is removed from the equation. Instead, the Sonos system creates its own wireless network, used only by the Sonos speakers. That bit of brilliance, coupled with their strategy of producing very high quality speakers digitally powered by dedicated amplifiers, has resulted in the best wireless sound without any of the hassles often associated with wireless networks.
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Excellent on both form and function
I picked up twin Play1 and a Play5 and must say that was immediately impressed with the big sound of the Play 1 despite it's small size. Paired 2 Play1 in stereo and you get a very impressive full sound from 2 tiny speakers. If you listen to a lot of 8tracks like me or Spotify this is the system for you. The sales personnel at TCA were friendly and very helpful in answering my questions as well.
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The easiest system to set-up (from a non-techy)
my friends talked so much about SONOS so I decided to try one myself, so i went to the department store and the sales staff encouraged me to get a play 3 as my start up kit. at first, i was a little worried that it would be difficult to set up by managed to get it up very smoothly.. With the help of my hubby of course ;) Went back the next week to get the playbar and play 5 and sub and it was so easy to just put everything together Everyone who is hesitant can start out with a play 3 or the new play 1… You won't regret it!!
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Another great SONOS product
I'm now the proud owner of seven SONOS products in two locations. I love the plug-and-play simplicity of the system and the sound quality is really very good for the price and size. I've just bought my first Play1 and am very impressed by the (small) size, the great-looking design and, most of all, the depth of the audio. I'm using it in a mid-sized bedroom and it's perfect for the job.
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Really amazing system!
Bought a play:1 for my room just to give the whole SONOS system a try, but I was so amazed at the sound it produced - indeed mini but mighty! The SONOS application that is downloadable on many different platforms is also really user-friendly. With all the music services and radio channels available, I'm able to control everything at the palm of my hand, it's amazing!
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